A Berkeley Reconstruction Project After a Lead Based Paint Fire

Robert F.
Berkeley, CA

This project involved reconstructing a major interior fire which was a result of lead based paint. The project required a gutting of the entire structure which triggered code requirement not covered under the policy.

Through a variety of exchanges the project, which totaled approximately $300,000, was completed with very little money out of the owners’ pockets because Leonard was able to present the necessary documentation to the carrier in order for them to pay the full value of the damage.
Without Len’s help with the project, the fire loss may very well have left the owners homeless due to insufficient funds to complete the project.
The reconstruction included a beautiful new kitchen, one new bathroom all new wiring, a new roof, all new windows, new interior trim, all new flooring etc.
The owners are absolutely delighted with their new home.

The neighbor, who is a remodeling contractor stated he didn’t think this building could be rebuilt because there was so many things wrong with it that were not involved in the fire, including it was out of level as well as needing a mountain of dry rot repairs.

Leonard Nordeman was able to do the fixes that were less expensive (and through some exchanges) so the owner had to take very little money out of his pocket in order to have what is now the almost equivalent of a new home.

During the course of construction Leonard Nordeman was able to find a charity that was willing to install a handicap ramp for the owner at no cost. The owner declined the ramp for his own personal reasons. This certainly demonstrates the efforts that Len is willing to go to please his clients.
Needless to say, the owner is delighted with the finished project and appreciates the efforts of Leonard Nordeman and his team.