A Hayward Home Fire

Hayward, CA
Eric W.

This project is extremely interesting because the insurance carrier sent an adjuster who had almost no experience with fire losses.

The adjuster came up with a cost to repair the project of approximately $15,000.00 despite the major damage to the kitchen and the rest of the home.

The adjuster had told the insurance carrier that the burnt and smoked cabinets, which were decades old, could be matched and refinished when this was not possible.

After obtaining sub-contractor estimates, the adjuster was proven wrong and the cabinets could not be saved. Additionally it was determined the counter-tops couldn’t either and need to be replaced. As a result the carrier wound up paying for all new cabinets AND all new counter-tops as well as new appliances.

Again, through modest exchanges the owner wound up with an almost new interior in the building, which is a home he’s lived in for decade. He is now delighted with the resulting work performed by Leonard Nordeman and his team. The final project costs were very close to $100,000.00—not close to the original $15,000.00 estimate!

The owner, of course, is extremely delighted with the efforts of Leonard Nordeman and his team.