Leonard A. Nordeman : Consulting Services Throughout the Country

Leonard provides construction consulting services for various areas in the country, not the least which was New Orleans following the Katrina disaster, where he provided his experience and expertise for Church Mutual for many of their losses wherein he established the scope of work necessary for major projects as well as the correct construction scope of construction repair values.

Most notable was the Church of the Light House, a major landmark in New Orleans over 200 years old, where 5 (200’ tall) unreinforced brick spires were constructed and 4 of them collapsed during the storm.

Leonard provided instructions on how to disassemble the final 200 ft tall spire without causing further damage to the historic monument.  Local contractors and engineers alike were delighted with the informative instruction techniques provided by Leonard as necessary to protect the surrounding undamaged areas in a safe manner as well as provide estimated values for the services required.

Len has provided construction services to the industry for more than 50 years including thousands of fire reconstruction projects, windstorm damage projects and even one structure where a train jumped a track causing an unplanned new opening to the building adjacent to the tracks.

Church Mutual considered Leonard one of the 3 experts in the country sufficiently qualified to provide advice on their major losses throughout the country.  In fact, he was considered by the senior claims manager to be the number one most qualified construction consultant in the country.

Leonard has also developed a scheduling system that has the same general components as PERT and CRITICAL PATH. Both of these are one semester courses in collage.

The problem with PERT & CP systems is they address a single project only, and Lenny’s system however addresses not only resource conflicts, but it also includes managing multiple projects with multiple resource conflicts.

This system has been used by Len for years and has been used on as many as 70 projects with 100 staff employees at one time with updating normally requiring about half hour per day for the entire 100 employees and 70 projects.

Interestingly enough this system can also be viewed from across the room simply because of the color scheme that identifies the resource conflicts which can then be addressed within seconds.

He was told at one point that this system should be patented but, he insisted he was a contractor not an inventor.

Leonard now specializes in major fire reconstruction projects focusing his primary interest in the San Francisco bay area, again establishing the correct scope of work and the true values for the services required after these major disasters.