4 San Francisco Construction Projects: 4 Happy Clients

#1 Jim & Diane B.

This reconstruction project was the result of a fire in one of the units in a six unit building. The building had been owned by the same owner for almost 50 years. As a result there were numerous code upgrades that were required in order to rebuild. Leonard Nordeman was able to demonstrate to the insurance carrier that they needed to pay for these required code upgrades.

The project included one new kitchen and rebuilding one unit and repairing others.

The first offer from the insurance carrier was approximately $50,000, ultimately the cost to repair the project was closer to $150,000 all due to the efforts of Leonard Nordeman. Again the cost for these estimates and presentations of the insurance carrier were done at no cost and strictly due to the carriers oversight or underestimating the required work.
The owners, who are quite elderly, were delighted with the service provided by Len Nordeman including continuous updates and extra efforts made to be sure that the other tenants in the building were able to occupy their units during the course of construction with very little inconvenience

#2 Mel C.

This project included rebuilding 6 flights of a 70 year old butterfly concrete and metal staircase for a cost well below replacement. This is due to Leonard Nordeman’s butterfly gull wing design clamps that simply bypass the portion of the stairs that had corroded allowing the stairs to be rebuilt. Ultimately this allowed for stronger stairs than when they were originally built! The total cost of the project was approximately $60,000, far less than the replacement of the staircase would have cost simply due to a better design by Leonard Nordeman.

#3 Charles R.

This is a very unusual project, as it has been ongoing for nearly 40 years with Leonard Nordeman. The same owner has been awarding Len annual contracts for jobs ranging from $50,000 to $1,000,000. The owner, a practicing attorney, is extremely confident that Len Nordeman and his team will provide him with the best possible advice and answers to multiple problems. For example, fire reconstruction damage that was performed in the late 1970’s for $300,000 which has been followed by many repair contracts for repairs throughout the last 38 years.
Currently Len is about to begin another major project that will be in excess of $1,000,000 for seismic upgrades.

The services provided by Leonard Nordeman have been major repair projects over the decades, and throughout the course of many projects, the tenants have never been required to vacate the building. This has allowed the owners to continue to collect rent during the course of construction, and encouraged multiple tenants including 4 restaurants, one movie theatre, and a night club as well as an 80 room hotel to upgrade on their own. The building while not an official landmark, is certainly a San Francisco landmark right on the corner of Columbus and Broadway. The owner is delighted with all of the work performed by Len.

#4 Mel C.

After a PG&E power surge which destroyed the main service panel main service panel for 5 units, including three commercial stores and two apartments above, immediate help was needed. Fortunately, Leonard Nordeman and his trusted team was able to redesign the electrical service entry along with other required repairs which met PG&E requirements as well as the Building and Electrical department of the San Francisco building department. Total project cost was approx. $50,000.