A Large Kitchen Fire In San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA
Don O.

This project involved a major kitchen fire on a 60 year old home that was previously remodeled. The insurance carriers first offer was approximately $75,000. Ultimately, they paid about $200,000.00. Not only that, but the owner wound up with a truly modern kitchen, all new interior finishes, insulation, as well as many other repairs that upgraded this home to much better condition than it was before the fire. All the upgrades were completed with very small cost to the owner due to the changes proposed by Leonard Nordeman.

The owner is delighted with the finished project and has since sold the building for a nice profit.
This project was completed with the owner paying almost nothing out of his pocket as Leonard Nordeman worked with the insurance company in order to make exchanges that made perfect sense.

The owner continues to support and recommend Leonard Nordeman and his skilled fire reconstruction team.