A Nearly 40 Year Professional Relationship

San Francisco, CA
Charles R.

This has been an ongoing project for Leonard Nordeman for almost 40 years. How? The same owner has given Len annual contracts running from $50,000 to $1,000,000.

The owner, a practicing attorney, is extremely confident that Len Nordeman and his team will provide him with the best possible advice and answers to multiple problems. This includes fire reconstruction damage that was performed in the late 1970’s for $300,000.00, followed by many repair contracts for repairs throughout the last 38 years.

Another major project is about to begin in excess of $1,000,000.00 for seismic upgrades.

The service provided by Leonard Nordeman and his team over the decades on this site have been major repair projects. Throughout the course of many projects, the tenants have never been required to vacate the building which allowed the owners to continue to collect rent during the course of construction. This encouraged multiple tenants including 4 restaurants, one movie theatre, and a night club as well as an 80 room hotel to upgrade on their own.

The building while not an official landmark, is certainly a San Francisco landmark right on the corner of Columbus and Broadway. The owner is delighted with all of the work performed by Len.