A Leonard Nordeman Fire Reconstruction Client Story

LeeAnn B
San Francisco, CA

A major fire occurred in the lower unit of a two unit building in San Francisco. Only a few years prior, the unit had been remodeled at a cost exceeding $100,000.

The fire started in the kitchen in the lower unit and this caused heavy smoke damage throughout the entire building (both units).

As a result of the smoke damage, the cabinets and appliances in both kitchens needed to be replaced. Additionally, new floors and paint needed to be completed as well.

To cover the damage, the insurance carrier’s first offer was approximately $250,000.00 to cover the damage. This offer was closer to the value of damage than most FIRST offers from insurance companies simply due to Leonard Nordeman meeting the insurance adjuster on site and discussing the extent of the damage resulting from the fire before the adjuster since Len had spent a lot of time thoroughly assessing the damage and could share ALL of his findings with the adjuster..

The cost analysis ultimately prepared by the carrier was supplemented by an additional payment of approximately $75,000 for additional work required on site to complete the job as well as addressing some understated values.

The owner was given a full scope of damage contract, including a completion date by Leonard. Both of which were complied with fully, and the project owner was delighted with the finished work.

The owner is a professional real estate person and totally supports Len’s efforts to obtain a fair settlement from the carrier and to provide excellent services in coordination from start to finish on the project.

The cost for preparing the supplemental request to the carrier was $0 to the owner, and of course neither the carrier nor the owner pays out for these negotiations.

The owner continues to be a solid supporter of Leonard Nordeman’s work.